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The Gearbox & Clutch Centre

The GEARBOX & CLUTCH CENTRE in Melksham specialise in the repair or reconditioning of manual gearboxes or final drive units.
We also specialise in supply and fitting quality clutches and flywheels to a very high standard.

We only us high quality parts like LUK, SACSH and VALEO clutches and flywheels.

We aim to have your vehicle back to you by the end of the same working day, with our 6 tonne two poster ramp, whether it’s a car, small van, big work van or a camper van we can repair it quickly and efficiently.

If you have a work van, no need to empty your tools or equipment from the back which means less hassle for you.

When we carry out a clutch replacement we will check the flywheel for any damage, cracks or excessive play, if we find any issues we contact you to discuss a possible replacement.

It is recommended to have the flywheel replaced at the same time as replacing the clutch if any damage or play is found, we recommend this due to the fact that if the flywheel were to fail after a new clutch has been fitted, this could damage the new clutch therefore resulting in another replacement clutch, meaning the same job carried out twice, which is never a good idea.

We will always give you the choice with our professional advice whether to have them both done at the same time.

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